Elco offers clients complete town planning services. We follow every step of the town planning process on behalf of our clients, from gathering the necessary information on building regulations, right through to appealing any objections the Council or any other party might have against our client’s land use application. We also keep our clients informed about the progress of the planning process, every step of the way.

Town Planning

What does Elco offer clients?


Elco provides a comprehensive town planning service, which includes the following services:


Property information gathering:


The first step Elco takes in town planning is identifying the allocated zoning of a property along with any other area based specifications. Once an allocated zoning has been identified, we gather the necessary information regarding building regulations and restrictive title deed conditions and carry this information through to our clients.


Feasibility studies for prospective projects:


After the property information has been gathered, Elco will assess whether our clients’ envisioned use of the property is feasible. If our clients’ first idea is not feasible, Elco will assess alternative possibilities.


Submission of land use applications:


Land use applications for rezoning, consent use, subdivision of land, consolidation, temporary and permanent departure, removal of title deed restrictions, site development plans, etc. is submitted to Council in order to obtain the necessary land use rights to allow the intended use of the property to go ahead.


Liaising with Council with regard to the foreseen project’s outcome:


Elco’s town planning team will hold meetings and correspondences with Council during the land use application, on behalf of our clients. We do this to ensure the best possible outcome of the application concerned.


Gathering of required information and reports:


Our town planning team will gather and process all the additional information required by Council on behalf of our clients, in order for Council to decide the outcome of the application. Elco will also ensure that this information is always backed with sufficient motivations.


Respond to any external objections or internal comments:


It often happens that objections to new property developments arise. If any surrounding neighbours or internal departments oppose the approval of our client’s application, we respond to these objections either through amendment of our application or additional motivation.


Appeal against unwanted decisions:


If Council does not approve the application we will appeal against the decision to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.


Respond to external appeals against decision:


After the project has been approved by Council any objectors will have the right to appeal against the decision. If any appeals are received, we will oppose them accordingly to ensure an optimal outcome for the client.


Why do you need a town planner?


Seeing as town planners are specialists in urban design, they form a crucial part of any project management team that concerns themselves with development planning.


Development planning without the help of a town planner can be difficult. Town planners are there to ensure that all the land use processes run smoothly and without hindrances. They will correspond with Council on behalf of the client, saving them the trouble of having to be involved in the complex process that is town planning.

What is town planning?


Town planning, also known as urban planning, is a technical process where the use of land and the design of an area is taken into account during the urban or suburban planning process.


Town planning concerns itself with both the development of open land and the maintenance and development of existing suburban or urban areas. It focusses on developing the physical form of an urban or suburban area, taking into account the economic function and social impact the infrastructure and layout of the area will have on itself.


The main objective of town planning is to foresee the needs of an area that is being expanded, maintained or developed, before these needs arise.





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