Elco provides comprehensive property development and project management services. We take charge of the property development process, from establishing a project management team that will be in charge of overseeing the development process on behalf of our clients, to overseeing the clearance process before the new development is handed over to our clients. Even though it is our team that will oversee the development process, we always keep clients informed about the progress being made. We will also, where necessary, administrate any amendments of land use rights or obtain additional land use rights after a development has been approved.

Project management/Property development

What we do:


When developing a property for whichever purpose, it can be difficult for owners to implement the project management techniques in order to manage all the different aspects of the property development process themselves. It is important to keep in mind that it is not only the development process itself that involves many complex steps and processes. The project management process also includes many complicated steps and procedures. The coordination of these two aspects of the property development process can often present a challenge to owners who have limited knowledge of the development industry.


To make the management of the property development process easier, Elco establishes a turn-key project management team for clients. Our team is experienced in implementing various effective project management techniques in order to help our clients realise the vision they have for their property development project. This team gathers and coordinates all parties and activities involved in the development process, on behalf of our clients.


Elco’s project management services include:


Establishing a project management team:


The development of any property involves acquiring a team of experts from various fields. Over the years, Elco has  established connections with a number of professionals in the development industry. This allows us to put together a team of experts who are experienced in the project management techniques that allows them to see a project through from beginning to end, according to our client’s needs.


Strategy and concept planning:


To gain a clear vision of a new property development that is being proposed, it is necessary to take into account all the input from all the specialists involved during the initial stages of a property’s development planning. Elco establishes clear project management techniques, strategies and concept plans on the basis of the inputs gathered from the experts in order to see to our client’s needs.


Presenting council with pre-application proposals:


Once a clear vision of the project is in place, Elco’s assembled project management team will approach Council to ensure that their input is taken into account and that it forms part of the proposed development.


Obtaining necessary land use rights:


In obtaining the necessary land use rights, Elco follows the same steps indicated under “Town Planning”.


Managing pre-transfer constructions:


After the necessary Land Use Rights are obtained, the physical construction process is overseen by Elco’s project management team to ensure that everything goes according to plan before the property is transferred to the new owners.


Monitoring transfer progress and adjusting necessary land use rights where required:


Elco oversees the process of ensuring the necessary clearances before handing over the property to the new owners, ensuring everything goes according to plan and that all the parties involved are satisfied. It is, however, important to note that it may be necessary to amend land use rights or obtain additional land use rights after a development has been approved. Where necessary, Elco will administrate these changes for our clients.


Elco’s sound project management principles and techniques ensures that our clients are spared the trouble of having to manage an entire development process themselves.


What is project management?


The project management process involves the overall planning, directing and coordination of human and material resources involved in property development. The project management process is concerned with the coordination of a project from beginning to completion, and is always mission orientated. This means that projects have set objectives and constraints that only exist for as long as it takes for these objectives to be achieved. It also involves the implementation of various project management techniques. All property development project management endeavours are unique and have a unique set of objectives. It is the responsibility of the project management team to meet these objectives within the given constraints.


What is property development?


Property development is a multifaceted industry that involves both new property development and the development of existing properties. It may include the renovation of existing buildings or the development of new land.

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